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My Favorite $30 Mod so far...(keyless entry)

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    For less than $20, this is an outstanding addition to the car. Especially when you have your hands full with 2 kids and their gear. Super quick and easy installation as well (thanks fresh_TD for hooking me up with your extra terminals)!


      +1 Just did this a few weeks ago with the Docooler off Amazon. Wish I would have done it years ago. Does anyone have a link for how to wire a relay into the horn?


        I did this yesterday and it works great! Thank you for all the contributors!
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          Hey everyone, dropping in for updated keyless kit info and install alternative.

          Here’s the link to a current kit available on Amazon.

          FicBox Universal Car Door Lock Vehicle Keyless Entry System Auto Remote Central Kit with Control Box

          I paid $14.99 for it a few days ago. Seems like they are set up as an industry standard for wiring purposes. Using the switched ground version of the diagram. I installed my keyless box behind the abs computer for a more direct connection to the central locking module and I wanted my blinkers to flash corresponding to the lock or unlocking, so up front wiring makes much more sense. The central locking harness can be tapped into behind and slightly above the drivers front speaker. I picked up my power and turn signal wires to the front of the abs computer where they come out of two side by side white multi pin connectors. There is a grounding bolt to the right of those as well.

          I know most of this is repeat info, but having it at the end of the thread will help the next guy…

          red………constant 12v supply
          white……………..yellow/blue (lock signal)
          white/black………green/blue (unlock signal)
          brown1……………blue/black (right turn)
          brown2………….…blue/red (left turn)

          Here is a great little video I utilized while doing my install. Big thumbs up to Noor!

          His video is almost exactly what I followed, along with my Bentley just in case.

          *** Just wanted to note, I first attempted to install the kit in the trunk, and I was going to pick up the side marker wires for my signal lightning, but I had issues getting the unlock signal to work for some reason. It could have been that I was trying to test it with sub par temporary connections, or my main concern was I was getting a bit of voltage drop going to and from the dinky keyless box being that I was a few connections away from the actual locking system. In any event, having the keyless box up front worked better for me and it’s very accessible if I want to ad more triggers to the system as it has provisions for a trunk actuation, siren and an led indicator. There is also a recoding button for the remotes.***

          Tucked away yet accessible…
          Click image for larger version  Name:	CE685EBE-A4F6-4AF4-AF15-8B193AA43963.jpg Views:	0 Size:	197.9 KB ID:	10088013
          The two provided remotes feel solid enough, and I was able to walk 150 plus feet away from the car and still trigger the system locked and unlocked. I didn’t go any further because my car was in the garage and that’s as far as I could get and still see the lights blinking…
          Click image for larger version  Name:	73F83C5A-DE9D-4EF7-8159-533209CD945B.jpg Views:	0 Size:	193.6 KB ID:	10088012