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E30 vert: no power windows. No power to top

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    E30 vert: no power windows. No power to top

    I have a m30 swapped vert
    My e30 is currently experiencing some issues with getting power to a few things.
    I have no power to my top, I have no power to my ac blower motor and AC button. Have no power to my windows.
    About a week ago I had all of these things powered up. So as far as functionality, I think all motors are good.
    I am trying to figure this out: any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also to know. Installed an aftermarket radio and messed around with my cluster pulling it in and out. Idk if this affects anything.


    Jump starts recently?
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      Originally posted by TimeMachinE30 View Post

      Jump starts recently?
      Which one controls the hard top? and blower?
      Are they all linked in one fuse


        Anyone else got any ideas before I send it off to a professional to break it down.

        is the wiring to the cluster and radio linked with the ac buttons, power top and the window switches?


          Did you check fuses?

          Did you recently jump it?
          ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


            If your were in the radio area you probably pulled the top switch and AC switch connectors loose. Pull the radio and check
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