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DIY: Keyless Entry System for $25 and 30 minutes work

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    DIY: Keyless Entry System for $25 and 30 minutes work

    DIY: Remote Electronic Locks for $25

    First the kit: It is called Omega REC-43T Keyless Entry System, and you can get it off ebay. I got it from a guy called tintnelectronics. Good guy, shipped quick.

    Basically this a radio frequency programable clicker. You can use this to open your car, your garage, trigger any electronically controlled device. There is nothing that makes this kit "car" specific.

    First impression - Chinese quality box, but the clickers and the box feel solid. Seem to made pretty well, only time will tell. The provided instruction are good, in grammatically correct English, and all in all provide us with a good idea of how to start. Having a voltmeter helps, or you can just fallow my wire guide.

    1. Remove the trunk lining between tail lights
    (I dont have it in anyway so I didnt show how to do this)
    These are the wires we are looking for.

    2. Disconnect your battery - we will be dealing with hot wires - since the system continuously draws power - so disconnect at the source.

    3. The kit comes with two bundles - here is what the basic wires will look like

    4Wire bundle
    OMEGA wire Color ----Car functions----Car wire color
    Red ------------------+12V------------Red (antenna wire)
    Black ----------------Ground-----------brown (bunch at trunk lock)
    Green ------------Output 3-----------not used
    Blue --------------output 4------------not used

    2 Wire bundle
    Green -----------Lock-------------Green and black stripe
    Blue--------------unlock----------green with purple stripe

    4.Our hot wire for constant 12V

    5.bundle that runs to trunk lock

    6.double sided tape on back of main box for attachment

    7.soldering in power wire mounted

    9.ground wire soldered in

    10.all wires soldered in

    11.and clean it up

    12. Reconnect your battery - or else nothing will work.

    Optional: The stock antenna is pretty short and since I cut off the extra lengths of wire anyways as I was installing it I decided to use them to extend th antenna. I then rn it around the edge of the trunk and up underneath the speaker tray area - range is good.


    Locks in work:

    NOTE: to get no delay you need to turn the delay dial on teh board all the way counter clockwise and then click channels 1 and 2 down to the (-) notch. That smoothed out operation a lot for me.

    Need Quality Brakes? BimmerBrakes has it!
    For anything Else go with BluntTech!

    Just so you know, that unit has no relays onboard for the keyless.

    It WILL blow up sooner or later, as the BMW CLM requires too much amperage to properly toggle it AND it "rests on ground", so the transistors in your keyless module will overheat and die.

    Closing SOON!

    Luke AT germanaudiospecialties DOT com or text 425-761-6450, or for quickest answers, call me at the shop 360-669-0398

    Thanks for 10 years of fun!


      How is this holding up ?


        One of the first Mods I did to my E30. I bought the following unit though for $13 shipped.

        Also connected a buzzer to the horn output and it beeps like modern cars when locking/unlocking.


          Originally posted by salvageland View Post
          One of the first Mods I did to my E30. I bought the following unit though for $13 shipped.

          Also connected a buzzer to the horn output and it beeps like modern cars when locking/unlocking.

          Do you have step by step install instruction for a E30 ?

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            Thank you for the write up. Added the wireless system a bit ago and have been extremely happy with it.


              Just ordered mine. Can't wait to get it installed. Thanks for the write-up!
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                Does your central locking system need to be working?


                  how would you do this with a antenna delete? I no longer have an antenna in the rear. I have a hidden one in the dash.


                    You put the controller next to the module in the left foot well, not 50 feet away in the trunk.
                    Why have the signal travel 2x the length of the car on the wrong wires when you can take an extra 15 minutes and do it right.
                    Mine has been installed for 10 years 0 issues and I have 0 chance of burning up the lock module.
                    Please just search for the old thread to do it correctly.
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                      Wow, cranky people. First response is, “this will never work”, then eight years later, “you suck for doing it differently from what I did”. Yes, Stereoinstaller1, maybe it’ll burn up, but it seems like it would’ve happened pretty quickly, like before they managed to get the post made. And I thought it was very clever to use the same wires as the trunk lock does. It’s not disconnecting anything, and not using the “wrong wires”, it’s using the right ones via a different mechanism. Personally I’d much rather take the trunk part than work in the footwell yet again.
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