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The Detailed E30 R-134a Conversion Thread/DIY

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    The $500 compressor are typically rebuilt OE units which are still r12 units. I don't see the point when you can get one designed for r134 for a fraction of the price..assuming you can mount it. FYI virtually ALL e30 compressors came with seals that were r134 compatible. I have a service bulletin somewhere spelling them out and it's probably posted earlier in this thread. Point being the seals are not the main issue but rather the pressure rating. Beyond that you need a new expansion valve and should upgrade the hoses since they will leak more and more over time.

    I'd jump the resistor and everything else is optional
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      Regarding the LC Wylie bracket conversion, don't forget that you also have to modify the lines to/from the compressor.

      I had Discount Auto AC in Daytona, FL, rebuild the compressor from my Touring. Great result. Great customer service. The cost was about $250, so if you have a rebuildable core and don't want the hassle of upgrading to a modern compressor, that's much cheaper than the options others have posted.

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        Quick little update: I checked again and asked ECS Tuning what was up with the two condensers - also noticed that one of them went from ~$100 to ~$175! Sounds like Nissens may have updated/superceded a design with a new one, or something weird like that. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets listed as discontinued in the near future and it's back to just a single Nissens parallel flow option for the e30.

        Anyways, bought the condenser and associated mounting hardware. Also ordered the LC Wylie bracket. Next step for me will be figuring out how to fit an IC and aux fan somewhere in there.