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DIY: Auto dimming/homelink mirror retrofit

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  • Glx2go
    Does the home link also work or does that have to have another module and extra wires to be functional?

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  • salvageland
    started a topic DIY: Auto dimming/homelink mirror retrofit

    DIY: Auto dimming/homelink mirror retrofit

    I like how most new cars have garage openers built-in to the rear view mirror so I set out to retrofit on into my 93 vert.

    The mirror I used is from a 4th gen 7 series E65-E68, but also found that early 2000 Land Rovers use the same mirror. I'm sure mirrors from other models will fit as well!

    First step is to tap into a switched 12volt line and a ground line. I tapped into pin 1, purple/gray wire in the Check Panel harness for 12v and the brown wire from the dome light for ground.

    The mirror I ordered didn't come with a pigtail connector but I found that regular PC header connectors fit great around the pins. Identifying wires on the mirror end is very simple. Red is + 12 volts and brown is ground.

    To remove the old mirror, grab the stalk and rotate it counter clockwise about 45 degrees and pull away from the windshield. Installation of the new mirror is in reverse order.

    All in all, this took about 30 minutes and cost less than $25! Here it is in action. If you cover the sensor in the back to simulate nighttime and shine a light on the front sensor, it dims with a dark blue tint.