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    You didn't read carfully, I used Ford EDIS not VB921's.
    The VB921 is a transistor that drives a coil. You can buy them from where you buy your MS kit, or from an electronics parts supplier. You need to build a simple circuit for each VB921.
    Instead of VB921s you can also use any combination of "dumb" ignition modules that will total 6 output channels: 6 * single channel modules, 3 * dual channel moduels, 2 * triple channel module, 1 double and 1 quad.... etc.
    You can even combine VB921s and modules as long as you end up with one output channel per coil - 6 for COP or 3 for wasted spark.



      Little different, but i'm running VEMS on my S52.

      Stock COP's
      Stock Hall crank trigger
      - wasted injection / spark at the moment
      - have the ability to run full sequential
      Stock Idle air valve
      Wideband / EGT
      Stock Knock Sensors

      Runs great! actually its pretty amazing. not sure if i ever will switch to full sequential. Was worried if i could get a good idle out of my large injectors running them banked (1+6, 2+5, 3+4) - but i can. So there would be very little gain.

      600hp beast