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MSPNP2 no spark

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    M20B25 should be a 60-2 (60 minus 2, 2 teeth missing) crank wheel and your tooth #1 angle should be 84* give or take a degree or so. You'll need to lock the timing to test with a timing light (try 0* or 10* of fixed timing, then set your timing gun accordingly). I've never heard of other setups on M20B25's, unless something aftermarket was installed.

    How is your VR signal? Are you having any sync loss? You can verify this using the tooth logger. Are you already doing tuning? What is your AFR like? You might want to try posting your full MSQ file here.


      My VR signal is good according to this:

      Lots of small bars followed by a bar three times the size of the small bars--all uninterrupted.

      My AFR at idle is 11.0.. pig rich right. When I apply throttle, it immediately breaks up and I peg full lean.

      I hate to sound uneducated, but how do I go about posting the MSQ file?

      Thanks a million for your time by the way; this is why I proudly sport a r3v sticker on my car, for better or for worse...


        It's obviously hard to diagnose something like this over the internet, but if all things are configured properly, then it could just be that it's untuned. If it's idling that rich, it could be a rich misfire (which shows up as lean on the wideband, as it's only reading oxygen). It's time to start tuning, I think. Check your plugs and see if they are fouling.


          RE: coil getting really hot
          The ignition output setting "going high" might be incorrect for your unit, going low would probably fix that issue.

          As for it idling rich and misfiring when you rev it, make sure your req fuel value is correct. If it is, scale the VE table until it runs right, assuming the base tune is any good it should run well enough to drive and tune after that. I doubt you can upload logs or msq files to this forum, you'll have to use a third party service like google drive.
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            The ignition issue was solved with a new MS. After taking a bunch of fuel out of the low end of the VE table, I am now up and running :)

            Thanks guys!


              Have fun tuning!