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    MS2 and CANBUS

    I have a setup where I'm able to get CAN signal from a driveshaft to read the torque (full bridge strain gauges that are transmitting the torsion on the shaft wirelessly to the remote receiver). The Receiver provides the signal over CAN, + and -.
    Not familiar with MS2/ tuner studio.... will CAN inputs on MS be able to log the data and plot TQ/HP in Tunerstudio? Would be cool to have a real life dyno logging setup
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    MS will be able to log the CAN data and display it as a live value, assuming that you can figure out the right custom equation to translate a strain gauge number to torque. You can then take the torque and run it through another expression to get HP.

    You need to setup generic sensor inputs, then add a channel in tunerstudio. You then will input your custom equation in the expression box and have it output to whatever you'd like.
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