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Megasquirt MS2/Extra tune for BMW M30B35 (E34 535i)

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    Megasquirt MS2/Extra tune for BMW M30B35 (E34 535i)

    If anyone is kind to share a good Megasquirt MS2/Extra tune for a stock BMW M30B35 engine (E34 535i, or E32 735i), that would be highly appreciated.
    It's the ignition map that I am particularly interested in.
    I am well aware that I will still have to adapt the tune to my car, but since my time is very limited, I would highly use a solid starting point.

    My car is an E32 735i, but since most E32 and E34 owners seems to stay clear of Megasquirt experiments, I decided to try my luck with the E30 enthusiasts. I know that M30B35 swap is quite popular here.
    Thank you.

    Try asking on E28 forums.

    Here's my N/A M10B18 tune--it should be similar to a 535i, but the m10b18 bore is 89mm. It was seemingly safe on 93 AKI (~98 RON).
    '84 318i M10B18 | 93whp/90ftlbs | 147- Safari Beige | MS2E w/ LC, 2-Step