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hanging rear muffler/Magnaflow

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    hanging rear muffler/Magnaflow

    So I have a custom exhaust with a Borla center muffler and a rear Magnaflow, all with 2.5" piping. It sounds great!!

    It all hangs nicely except for the Magnaflow at the very back...

    I have an exhaust hanger that bolts to the rear subframe to locate the exhaust where it crosses under the subframe.

    How is anyone hanging their muffler, without using the rubber donuts?

    I tried using the rubber donut mounting points but the muffler swung around too much because it was shorter than stock so could only use one donut.

    I'd like to weld something right above the tail pipe and then ...?

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    I used a combination of the oem donuts and some hangars. I cut the oem hangars off right under the special donut bracket and then welded flat bar to it with a slotted hole. On the muffler and tail pipe I welded flat bar with a hole. This way the muffler hangs from the oem points but doesn use the shitty oem bands around the muffler and there is some side to side/height adjustment to get it centered.

    I supplemented these with another hangar off the subframe like this:

    It mounts to the other oem hanger point off the subframe.

    I also have two of those in the midsection.

    Between all of these and v bands the whole exhaust is very solidly mounted, has just enough play so it doesn't rattle to pieces, and comes off the car in 5 mins.
    '89 325i OBD2 S52 BUILD THREAD


      ^ i'm going to have to steal that good idea


        I highly recommend bending the metal rod on those aftermarket hangers around the pipe underneath so all the weight isn't just on the welds (think a J shape). The welds will hold, but the exhaust pipe will tear away along the weld like a tin can. Ask me how I know. Lol


          ^funny you said that mine fell off on the freeway
          it only had one mount holding the whole thing at the subframe.
          but ya best way to do it is make it wrap around the bottom when that shit cracks it doesn't drop.


            thats a nice exhaust. its nice when you can fabricate stuff yourself.


              Pretty sure the M3 has a hanger right above the muffler tips. Maybe check real oem for that.
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