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    Exhaust drone

    Hey guys... I'm having a problem with cabin drone in my 318is, the previous owner installed a Flowmaster 40 series delta flow, it honestly didn't seem so bad at first but it's definitely noticeable now. I'm considering a Magnaflow (PN 14816), on there website it's sound level is listed as "moderate", whereas the 40 series is listed as "aggressive", logic says that moderate should be less intrusive than aggressive but I'm not sure. I don't mind it being a tad loud, it's the drone that bothers me. The magnaflow as was twin tips which I think look pretty nice on an E30 (like a supersprint or eisenmann) and the price is right as well ($200). Any opinions on this? I'm open to other muffler options as well.

    Have you try muffler insert?
    Also, do you have spare wheel in your back trunk?
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      I've had great luck with Vibrant resonators, you can start there and have a look around.

      Also, you can search for a Hemholtz chamber. Do a whole bunch of math and figure out what will work for your given drone vs. RPM. Any competent exhaust shop should be able to make one and install it for you. There are also a few companies on line that make pre-bent units that are said to work great as well. This should also be a cheaper option than a new muffler or resonator and (if your math is correct) mostly eleminate your problem.

      Harmonic resonace is a wicked bitch.

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