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m20b25 turbo questions, almost done!!

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    Crystal clear.


      Alright I have one more quick question regarding wasted spark. Can I just use the stock “15+” wire hooked up to the distributor as my power wire to my new coil pack? And if that’s right do I just ground the other one?

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        I just got off the phone with DIY autotune and they told me first of all to always ground to the head and 2nd find the main power relay from the ECU and hook that up to the coil pack. So I guess now I'm just looking for the relay connected to the ECU.

        I found this link:

        but its still hard to understand. Is that relay under the hood?


          you could pull power from the fuel pump relay or 02 heater relay. something thats not always hot with key on


            I got everything moving and shaking! appreciate everyone's help.

            I have one more question. I set my timing to 0 on tuner studios and checked it with a timing light. it still was 1.5 teeth off about 9 degrees of timing. How do I edit that in tuner studios so my ecu is reading the correct timing?


              You change the trigger offset number. In the other thread you had it set to 97, and we changed it to 84. if it is indeed wrong you will set this 9 deg one way or the other. (ie 75 or 93)

              You adjust the number until the marks line up. It ss surprising that it is so far out though?
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                It's all coming together now. The problem I am running into is my aftermarket radiator coolant lines are blocking my timing marks on the harmonic balancer. Because of that I left my cam gear cover off and attempted to do it that way.

                I figured there are twice the rotations on the cam gear as the harmonic balancer so (48 teethx2=)96 total teeth passing the timing mark per rotation. Leading me to believe there are about 5.62(360/96) degrees of timing per cam tooth. I am about 1.5 teeth off which matches my initial reading of 18 degrees when I was set at 10 degrees timing on my other thread measured from the crank. At that point, I didn't have my radiator installed and was just running the car for 10-20 seconds.

                all this being said, I did buy a harmonic balancer from a junkyard because mine cracked. Is there a difference between years? they said it came off am20b25 but maybe it was a 2.7. i just assumed it was fine.