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MS2 w/ v3.57 board, not getting VR crank signal any ideas?

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    MS2 w/ v3.57 board, not getting VR crank signal any ideas?

    I have a M10B18, an I recently got finished wiring the Megasquirt. I got a Base tune and had to change a few things from that tune. One of the settings I had to change was the ignition trigger, I am using the factory distributor with the factory V.R sensor. I made sure the V.R sensor on the distributor worked and it puts out 1.1 V a/c ~ during cranking and I double checked my harness to make sure my wiring was correct, an the signal is getting to the 32 pin connector / MS controller. Which it is, I'm getting the same voltage to the connector so I am positive the MS controller is receiving the signal. I went to the settings and made sure it was set to "one coil" and "basic" trigger input. When cranking the dashboard of tuner studio with my tach is showing no engine RPM. So I want to know if I didn't set up the ignition right or what??? thanks for all POSITIVE feedback. I have 2 post with my engine build info but ill put it on here too.

    You mean, you attached the reluctor coil in the distributor to MS?

    I don't think that works- doesn't MS want a square wave 5v (or so) input?

    The E30 reluctor is basically a timed AC generator- you need something to condition that signal.
    Its voltage will increase with revs, and can probably cook a TTL input at speed.
    I suspect you could use the original ignitor, and grab the tach signal from it to use as an MS trigger.

    I forget how advanced the reluctor is... and where advance was done. In the E21, it was
    weights in the base of the distributor, and I kinda recall that's how the E30 did it, too.

    If you went to wasted spark, you could ditch everything but the pickup, and then time it however was easiest in MS.
    But personally, I'd stick a modern Hall effect sensor on the crank nose along with a timing ring.
    Then, done. Also, far more accurate crank position.

    EDIS because lazy, here.
    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


      I figured it all out, it works just fine with the factory V.R sensor.. it only needs to understand a square wave with the hall sensor... the m.s works just fine with the sine wave and basic ignition.