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318i M10 Timing...again :(

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    318i M10 Timing...again :(

    ok Im referencing the Bentley manual and got confused

    1. I rotate the Crankshaft with the 30mm socket till the little pointer is at the timing mark/OT which both line up at the same place. the timing mark is on the inner and OT is on the outer.

    2. If i take off the CAMSHAFT do i rotate that to the timing mark also?

    Bentley saids:
    Do not rotate the crankshaft or the camshaft while
    the timing chain is removed, as bent valves may

    so how do i go about setting the CAMSHAFT timing at TDC?

    or is it that I have to rotate the CRANKSHAFT in revolutions till both CAM AND CRANK is at the timing mark before removing the CRANKSHAFT pulley and CAMSHAFT drive sproket?

    i've searched on many sites..still confused as to how to time it correctly.

    any help is appreciated.

    thank you
    *1985 318i* STOCK

    You allign the crankshaft pulley, camshaft pulley, and your distributor to TDC and then you remove the chain/pulley/sprocket
    85' 318i ~The Bronze Bomber (FrankenM10 with a Forced Future :wgaf:)


      Are you trying to remove or install your cam?

      Originally posted by slammin.e28
      The M30 is God's engine.


        i got it now thanks.

        i lined up the crank to the O|T and FINALLY saw where the mark was on the cam which was hidden under center.

        i removed the crank pulley with an pepboys 2 jaw puller cleaned everything replaced the timing chain tension and rails. new gaskets, water pump, thermo, belts. all new hoses

        also sent out my injectors to VAC motors to have it rebuild, clean and test.

        once that gets back im installing new fuel regulator, sparks, wires, fuel filter and hoses for fuel line.

        and prob going to pick up a digital timing light to adjust the ignition timing
        *1985 318i* STOCK