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Intake setup back on the car left with a question

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    Intake setup back on the car left with a question

    So Ive been taking my time doing some work on my B25, new injectors and a new IM gasket. is there anything special i need to do before i start it up next? like charging the fuel system since there isnt any in the rail?

    You can cycle the key 3-4 times to prime the fuel system. Might be able to jump a relay or similar to keep the fuel pump on full time if required for testing.

    Good practice to inspect for any fuel leaks with the system primed before you fire it up. Use a flashlight to inspect hose connections, fuel injectors.

    Verify vacuum lines to the FPR, brake booster, etc.


      Fuel pumps do not prime with ignition on with motronic 1.3. The fuel pump is commanded only with a CPS signal

      just crank it and it should start up
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