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Timing Belt + Valve Adjustment, What Else?

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    Timing Belt + Valve Adjustment, What Else?

    Long time since I posted, I've been busy with school for most of the time. I've replaced all the bushings in the rear subframe, fixed rust in the floorpans, repaired the dash, replaced the carpet, rewrapped the interior wire harness, etc.

    Now, it's about time do the timing belt. I want to make sure that my engine is running solid after all the other work I've done, so I'm wondering what else I should do while I'm in there. I plan on replacing all of the radiator hoses and the breather hose coming from the valve cover, as well as the blower motor & resistor for the AC since it's constantly blowing fuse 20.

    Is there any other standard engine maintenance I should do while I'm in there?

    *edit* forgot to mention, this is in a 325i cabrio, standard m20b25 engine.
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    I would replace every fuel, coolant, and vacuum hose next.

    Under the hood, the fuel lines get brittle and can burn down your car. MAKE SURE you buy and use high-pressure fuel injection compatible fuel lines, or they will burst and potentially cause a fire.

    The vacuum lines leak and cause poor idling, and the coolant lines can fail, leaving you stranded. Coolant lines include throttle body hoses, heater hoses, and the lines to and from the coolant overflow tank, in addition to the large hoses up front.

    Water pump should be replaced when you do the timing belt. While you’re in there, consider a new radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, and coolant overflow tank. All of these are also points of failure.

    At the rear, the fuel tank gaskets, fill hose, vent, and fuel feed lines crack and can make a big gas stink or worse, a spill.

    Replace the fuel filter and associated lines last. Doing the filter last ensures that any junk released at the tank and/or filler won’t clog up your new filter.
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      Fuel hoses in the engine bay, 100%.
      Water pump would be a good idea.
      Any vacuum hose will save you headaches chasing a lopey idle.
      I'd recommend cap, rotor, wires, and spark plugs (NGK ZGR5A).
      You can inspect coolant hoses and if the radiator seems to be functioning appropriately, you don't really need to replace it right away. Same goes for the thermostat.
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        Thanks for the advice on hoses. I plan on doing the water pump and thermostat with the timing belt. I'm doing a new cap and rotor as well.

        Are any of the fuel hoses molded or can I just get some regular fuel line from an auto parts store?

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          At the rear, the fuel tank gaskets, fill hose, vent, and fuel feed lines crack and can make a big gas stink or worse, a spill.
          or worse, a fire...where is that video of a guy doing burnouts on his e30 and ended up burning down his car due to cracked tank vent lines?