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Motronic 1.1 to 1.3

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    Motronic 1.1 to 1.3

    Everyone says any Motronic 1.3 DME will work just fine in a car that came with a Motronic 1.1 DME.

    One time I read that only applies if the car is 9/87+. My car is 4/87. Any time I put in a 1.3 DME, I lose power at 5500 RPM. Also I get a code for a vehicle speed sensor signal. Those 2 things happened with my 0 261 200 524. Then I also have a 0 261 200 153 that has a scratched mark that says 173 so I'm not really sure which one that is. That one did not have the speed signal code, but did have the same power loss at 5500 RPM.

    So anyway, I think the 153 is crap (being as old as it is) and I think Programa sent me a fresh rebuild that is also crap. So I really just want to throw a genuine 173 in and get my car to stop bucking randomly. Does anyone know for a fact if one will do the trick?

    OK so I took a shower and thought hey I know what to look for now in order to tell the difference between a 1.1 and a 1.3 on the inside. So I took it apart and yes, the DME marked 153 (but also scratched 173) is a 1.3. So it looks like I can only use a 153? Or could I get a newer harness?