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M30 with RHD ITB, oh yes!

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    M30 with RHD ITB, oh yes!

    We just love the M30B35 we have in our E30 but will love it more after the winter. Guess why?

    We will upgrade our M30 engine this winter with the following setup:

    93mm bore, 86mm stroke - 3503cc

    Forged 93mm Carrillo-pistons with modified valve cuts, 11.5:1 comp
    MLS 93mm 0.0070" head gasket
    135mm rods
    Balanced bottom end
    VAC oil pump upgrade
    ATI crank hub and trigger wheel
    ATI super damper
    Forged steel rockers
    PPF dual valve springs
    CrMo retainers
    5 angle cut valve seats, mildly ported head
    ARP head bolts
    Camshaft with our own design
    13.3mm lift, rated duration 308°, duration 0.05" 264°
    RHD 45mm ITB
    Bosch Motorsport 550cc injectors
    3 bar FPR from Volvo 850
    MaxxECU Street engine management system
    E85 fuel
    Bosch Motorsport 3x2 ignition coil (wasted spark)
    S38B36 headers with black coating
    2.5" exhaust with a single Apple Racing-muffler

    RHD S14 flywheel, 3.2 kg
    Sachs 618 M20 pressure plate
    Sachs Motorsport S14 clutch plate
    Getrag 240 M10 gearbox
    3.64 rear diff from a Bmw 318 M10

    ​​​​​​... and some other minor parts.

    We are building the engine together now and are ready in a few months, will post some pictures during the work as well as dynore results. Feel free to ask questions!

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      Looking forward to your results!

      At the shop we just completed a top end upgrade on an m90b35 (m30 head on an m5 bottom end basically). Baseline Dyno was just over 200whp (bone stock grey market 635csi). Owner picked up a set of Weber/Redline carb manifolds while we were doing the head work. The plan is to Dyno with the installed 284 cam, +1mm valves, IE headers, Motronic 1.3 harness/ECU (our custom chip) and extensive porting/flow testing on my bench. Then MS PNP, Dyno, then back to induction using the RHD ITB and Weber manis, then Dyno again.

      Good luck on yours. :)
      Transaction feedback: Here, here and here. Thanks :D


        should be fun to drive when its all done

        what cam and follower is that?

        is a getrag240 upto the job?
        89 E30 325is Lachs Silber - currently M20B31, M20B33 in the works, stroked to the hilt...

        new build thread


          oh thank god.

          this will be good
          1984 Delphin 318i 2 door


            Originally posted by digger View Post
            is a getrag240 upto the job?
            I doubt it will make more power or torque than some of the turbo M42s that have been punishing G240s over the years.
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              According to '02 FAQ turbo guys the breaking point of the G240 from their turbo M10 experience is 290 ft lbs - at that point it will break just from engine load without shocks to the driveline etc. I'd imagine that the G240 won't last long with an e85 fed M30?
              My e30: OEM+ with M30B35