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Manual swap question

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    Manual swap question

    I have 2 e30 convertibles my 87 Bronzit is manual and my 89 is auto, was thinking of switching transmissions to make the 89 manual as it is my favorite and making the Bronzit auto as if I sell one it will be the Bronzit, any issues between the years as my 87 is the fun car and 89 cruise car

    Just some opinion, If you have a manual car and you're planning to sell it, it's probably worth more as a manual. It's also twice as much work to swap them both.
    Maybe it's cheaper to swap the transmissions but for how much work it is, I would just try to find all the manual swap parts to swap the 89 and leave alone/sell the bronzit.

    I don't think there's much difference in the drivelines, some early cars were Motronic 1.0 and had crank sensors on the flywheel but I'm 99.9% sure that a NA spec vert would not come this way.
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    Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


      The labor isn’t an issue for me as I have been working on cars for over 40 years and at times it is my relaxation, and have the tools and ability was just wondering about any sensors etc differences



        There are wiring harness differences- you'll end up splicing the diff wire or swapping diff
        covers (because you would want to keep the diff with the trans)
        and on the tintops, the center support bearing is different.

        The convertibles are their own little cam of worms, too, so you may learn something
        that none of us have yet discovered...

        ...but yeah, not a huge project, just a lotta nut- turning.

        And when you're done, you'll probably have refreshed a good part of both of them,
        since why reuse things like transmission mounts if they're getting soft?

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          Thanks to both, will think about this more might new winter project