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Getrag 260 Unknown condition tips

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    Getrag 260 Unknown condition tips

    Hey Guys,

    I have a Getrag260 transmission that was bolted up to a M20b20 that i'm now not using as i have acquired a m50b25tu for cheap. Is there anyway that i know know the condition of the gearbox before i bolt everything up in case the syncro's or something are gone and i put it in the car?

    Thanks Guys

    Not really. I have spun the input with a drill, and shifted through the gears.

    It's not foolproof, but will find a true box of rocks...

    Also, the condition of the oil and the composition of the 'fur' on
    the drain plug are clues.

    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


      Since most of the 260's found now have a couple hundred thousand miles on them, the majority also have the tell-tale "Getrag Rattle" when idling in neutral ad clutch not engaged.
      This can be annoying & embarrassing, but is NOT a sign of eminent failure. It's simply the idle gears clanging around off each other in there.
      My trans has 210k on it and shifts great with no other issues than the neutral rattle, but I've been holding onto a 260 for like 7 or 8 years now that has 73k on it and VERY little free play in the main shaft. These are hard to come by now. I figured I'd just wait til it was new clutch time or the main seal began to leak to swap it in, but haven't had a single issue arise. The clutch is slightly grabby or chucky, but really not that noticeable.
      But between the rattle and the fact that I don't have any idea when (if ever) the clutch has been replaced, I decided it's time to do a lightened flywheel, new clutch kit, seals, AKG DSSR, and Condor trans mounts.
      Before I jump into that however, I am going to switch from Red Line MTL to a 50/50 mix of Royal Purple 75w80 gear oil and 75w140 or 85w140 heavyweight oil since it's only driven in the warm months here in Chicago. I'm just curious to see if it helps at all with the rattle.
      I'll report back...


        Hey Trent -

        What happened with the new transmission oil mix trial? Is your Getrag quieter now?

        Jon (OO=[][]=OO)
        1992 325ic white, stock with a 5-speed swap
        Palm Beach County


          Well, it didn't really make much of a difference...

          Click image for larger version

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            Ooo. Not good. What is that broken part?
            Jon (OO=[][]=OO)
            1992 325ic white, stock with a 5-speed swap
            Palm Beach County


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