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Is my transmission going bad?

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    Is my transmission going bad?

    1985 318i G240 transmission.
    4 month old Redline MTL.

    Still goes in every gear. No pop outs or grinds.
    I read the Bentley manual and canít figure it out. I keep hearing a clunk every shift and so after driving like a grandma for so long I started driving the car hard. I did one clutch dump in a dirt field onto the road for a minute.

    There use to be a firm resistance to get in each gear and rowing while driving. I did a burnout one time and now it seems super easy to put in each gear , the lever doesnít move side to side once in gear but it seems that it wonít go all the way, even it is. Just feels like it gets in gear very quick now. Did I maybe clear out some goo or did I break something?

    Also since Iíve owned the car thereís a jerk at every shift point unless I slightly ride the clutch.

    Fixed itself car running normal again