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ZF320 + Condor clutch line, clutch pedal has no resistance?

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    ZF320 + Condor clutch line, clutch pedal has no resistance?

    First time really messing with the clutch system on a car ever, so I don't know where to start with this.

    I attached the new Condor line from the stock e30 clutch master to the ZF320's clutch slave, and the pedal has zero resistance and just bounces back. I'm hoping it's just due to not bleeding it or something like that?

    Most info I've found was where the clutch went to the floor, but mine springs right back. The reason it might not stick to the floor is due to my clutch stop.

    Any ideas?
    91 318iS - aluminum M52B28 + ZF320 + 3.15 Torsen

    As I recall, our clutch pedals have return springs so that is what is bringing your pedal back up. Bleeding the system is a royal pain in the butt. I used a pressure bleeder that seemed to work best. But if you search on bleeding the clutch you'll get a number of different methods.
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      If you haven't bled the clutch line, you have no hydraulic fluid in the line and you'll experience what you're experiencing.

      Gravity bleeding:
      Find some clear vinyl tubing that's a tight fit on the bleeder screw. Fit it to the bleeder screw and run it out the top of the engine bay. Crack the bleeder screw and check it in a few hours.

      The loops in the clutch line will no bleed this way. You'll have to bleed those either via the pedal or a pressure bleeder.