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G240 Rattle / Hiss in Gears 2 & 4

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    G240 Rattle / Hiss in Gears 2 & 4

    I have noticed that my transmission makes a fairly loud rattling/hissing noise under medium to high throttle in gears 2 and 4. The noise is fairly apparent in the cabin. For a long time I thought it was raspy exhaust or a leak, and I did not drive the car much in the last few years, but it is definitely linked to those gears now that I am using it more and paying attention. It may also now be worse with the even lighter flywheel (RHD 7.4lb) that I put in earlier in the year. Anyway, have others found that they get noise from those gears, or is something on its way out? I could see a single gear being noisy, but it seems off that both 2 and 4 make the noise. Other than that, the transmission shifts well and is not exhibiting any functional issues that I can feel.

    my transmission sounded like a dog box for like two years and I finally lost second gear drifting this year, I never changed the fluid in it and it did MILES of track abuse. Getrags are pretty noisey transmissions it probably isn't anything to really worry about in my opinion. I would also think it's the bearings not so much the gears making a bunch of noise.
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