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Early E30 auto to manual conversion

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    Early E30 auto to manual conversion

    I have an 84 E30 Coupe which was automatic. I'm fittin an M60 and manual box and trying to sort out the gear shift.

    I have the later design parts from a Z3 including the alloy shifter mounting arm from the box and the linkage, gearstick etc, but looking at Realoem, the early model cars seemed to mount the shifter on the tunnel

    I understand that with the M60, both linkage arms will need to be modified, but can the later design be used? It means both pivots move with the engine and box which should prevent the gearknob wagging around.

    Finally, when going from auto to manual, is there a suitable spot for the rear support bracket for the alloy arm to be installed (part 8)?


    Did you make any progress on this? I am in the same spot, early auto. I am using a E36 M3 shifter.
    1985 325e -> M60 swap project
    1983 GTV6
    1974 X1/9


      I got the engine installed with the box and shortened the newer style shifter parts. I needed to order a shift arm bearing, which has arrived but not fitted yet. I'm confident itll all work fine, but dont have it finished to be sure.