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Intermittant stalling and lurching

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    Originally posted by DaWildBeast View Post
    Might be worth your time just to get a different harness. If the same issue persist you can at least take the question of wiring out of the mix.
    That was a thought I had. Another thought was to get a new harness along with an M52. Could still find such a harness at a boneyard with some life still left. Finding an E30 325i harness that you know is good might require going new, and I've seen prices of 4 to 5 hundred.

    This car has 450k approx so perhaps not the best donor. OTOH, I do own it and even a lower mileage donor should probably have new stuff put in, suspension etc. I had never given the possibility of putting in a twin cam much thought but the M20 still runs pretty strong though it eats CATs and you can tell it's getting a bit weak in the pins.

    It's a dilemma, putting in just a new harness I mean, I would like to get it running but I've already thrown about $200 in new parts at it to no avail. Not that much money but the thought of those brand new parts going to a boneyard is tough. Not sure how I'm going to test the harness to identify it as the cause. I'll look into that.
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