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Getting cosmoline off black plastic

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    Getting cosmoline off black plastic

    I cleaned, clear coated, powdercoated the heck out of my engine and among all that I can not figure out how to make cosmolined black plastic to look good. Any tips?

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    Getting cosmoline off black plastic

    Go to Home Depot buy some paint thinner and BOILED linen seed oil. Has to be boiled.

    Apply paint thinner first than linen oil. Stand back in amazement as plastic becomes brand new, test on air filter housing youíll see.

    Be careful with this crap donít get it on your paint, just rub very light amounts.

    I did this as a way to clean my bay, not to remove cosmoline. But it might work for your troubles.
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      It's linseed oil, not linen seed.

      Don't leave rags soaked in it lying in piles or in a garbage can. It can/will get hot and can get hot enough to spontaneously catch fire.


        I've used Eastwood engine black on the metal pieces and their black plastic paint on exterior black trim. Haven't tried the plastic paint under the hood.
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          Thanks I will be giving the linseed method a shot.