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Engine shuts off

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    Engine shuts off

    For the first time in 4 years of owning it my prefacelift 325 cab has failed. On the motorway yesterday at 70 and it died, the Rev counter fell to zero like a stone. On the hard shoulder it started up fine. Accelerated away and the Rev counter got to around 3k but didnít go any higher despite speed increasing. Drove for a bit and again no power, needle to zero.

    Checked in with someone (nameless) who had been working on it and said to try disconnecting and reconnecting the white plastic plugs under the steering column. Turned the key without doing this and it started right up, but then as you could expect it failed a 3rd time. It would crank but not spark in to life. So this time I did disconnect and reconnect the plugs and it fired up. Got me the last 90mins of the journey home to my door without incident.

    Today I thought Iíd see if it would drive again. Started no bother and drove about 30 miles. On the way home it died at the lights on a hill. Got a recovery guy out to look at it and he he was stumped. No spark. Checked crank sensors and cleaned, still nothing. Did those white plugs... and itís starts. He advised booking in to an auto electrician for inspection and repair of ecu multiplug.

    So is there any useful advice I can get from the forum on this issue? How to proceed? Parts needed? Scale of the job? There are auto electricians where I am but no E30 specialists so would be good if I can give them any info in resolving it quickly. One garage I spoke to will take a look next week but he is doubtful about having the wiring diagrams or diagnostic equipment for something of this vintage.


    I would check the crank position sensor and wiring. The cable jacketing gets hard and cracks off. Might be shorting out some times.


      CPS, AFM or engine ground are some ideas that come to mind that would cause this.
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