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What caster specs are you runnning?

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    What caster specs are you runnning?

    I just did another alignment the other day after installing the e36 rack, and decided to put my caster into stock E30 specs, which is like 8 degrees. ive never seen another BMW with such high caster. I think an E36 runs only 6-7 degrees.
    anyway after flipping my UUC camber plates to give more caster, my wheels arent as centered as they were before and i have more tire rubbing when turning.
    Im gonna flip them back, which will put my caster aroun 7 degrees if i remember correctly.
    it drove fine last time i had it set like this, i was just wondering what others are running with their 5 lug swaps.

    The pic is from my alignment done a few days after I did the swap in July 2007.

    I think this shows slightly more caster than stock. Keep in mind I have an "E36 M3 / Z3 1.9L" 5-lug swap dropped on E30 325is H&R sport lowering springs (mild drop). This also includes E30 M3 offset style control arm bushings and '97 E36 M3 control arms.

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      Wasn't there a thread with more alignment specs?
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