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M3 spindle with e36 brakes?

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    source of information?
    Originally posted by FredK
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      Originally posted by psyber_0ptix View Post
      source of information?
      This is the only place I can find it now:

      Correct me if you know this to be wrong, otherwise I was planning on ordering Z3 front springs and E30 rear springs for my car. If it works that's great, if not then I guess I'll have to find a different front spring.
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        Bumping this bish back from the dead just to post a dumb question.

        If I buy E30 M3 front struts and hubs without the rotors or carriers, can I use E36M calipers and carriers on them without spacers? Only want to do this as the E36 stuff is more readily available than E30 brakes (carriers NLA)
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          You need to run 'rotor' spacers (iirc 12mm SBI use to make them) under the E36 M3 rotors (315mm dia) to use the E36 M3 calipers/carriers.

          Non-M E36 calipers/carriers will 'bolt-on', but the matching rotor's will still need a spacer to fit, custom no doubt, and I doubt you could use E30 M3 rotor's as they are 25mm think vs 22mm non-M E36, unless you always ran half worn pads and still the diameter is different (275 vs 286mm).

          You could always look at E28's for calipers.

          Or better yet, just get some nice 'massive' brakes.
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            292rwhp E30 :D


              i need to fit 16" wheels on the m3 spindles so 300mm ou original 286mm brakes need to fit. Any of you ever tried the m3 spindle and normal caliper combination?


                Originally posted by CrAzY_DrIveR View Post
                Any of you ever tried the m3 spindle and normal caliper combination?
                Won't work. Different offset and height.
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