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e46 330i rear brakes

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    e46 330i rear brakes

    Oh, finest gentlemen of r3v,

    I'm in the process of making a few sets of bracket adapters to use big ass 330i rear brakes on our cars. Great addition to the quality Lithuanian brake adapters Max sells. Here's a few important things to know, I'll post a few pictures of the finished product some time this week.

    *These bracket adapters were designed to be used with 6cyl non-m z3 hubs installed on e30 trailing arms. Can't remember if the arms are the same as the z3 or not, but that's what works on my car

    *Backing plate will have to be modified (will post pictures)

    *Pads will need to have the 'slide' portions clearanced a bit to sit flush with the rotor (pictures will explain what I'm talking about better)

    *The parts I used were for a 2002 330i. I don't know what the compatibility is between that and different years but I suggest ordering parts for a '02

    *Made from (I was told this anyway) 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum

    *Necessary hardware included

    *Stock parking brake will not work with this setup. I'm using a hydraulic e-brake with an inline shutoff valve and chocks

    For now I've got three sets available. Four if a friend backs out. The introductory / get this shit out of my garage price is $80 shipped to the contiguous United States. I'm willing to work with people but I have no experience with shipping stuff out of 'Murica, so I'll need some pointers.

    After those three go I'll need $100 to make it worth my while. Also, I'm doing this as a hobby, not a business, so please forgive me if my responses aren't super quick. ~and~ everything is going to be explicitly made to order, there will be some turnaround time.

    All in all, as long as you source your parts right, you can have a monster BBK in the rear for under $500 (with hawk pads). Also, off the shelf parts availability. Which is super nice.

    PM me for any specific questions.