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E30 M3 vs e30 325i rear brake pads

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    E30 M3 vs e30 325i rear brake pads

    Hello guys, wanted to know if anyone tried to install e30 325i rear pads on E30 M3 bracket?

    I noticed my 325i pads fit nice and flush to its regular 325i bracket. but it just doesn't quite go down into the M3 bracket..

    I looked up on RealOEM and they are both the same part numbers. Also the small back pins that enter the piston are small in diameter, perfect for the 325i but not the M3 piston even if I bend them..

    Why? is it ok to shave of metal to fit? and bend back plate pins to piston entry? Anybody
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    Here are your specs.

    e30 325i

    e30 m3

    Why are you trying to run an e30 pad on an e30 m3 carrier?
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