Hi guys I need some advice.

I'm collecting parts for a 5 lug swap. Some people do the swap for various reasons but I'm doing it for the wider range of race spec off the shelf Coilovers, big brake kits etc. available for the E36 and other 5 lug models.
Most manufacturers simply don't make aftermarket e30 parts anymore and if I bend or a Coilover half way through the race season I don't want to have to send it off for another custom one to be re welded.

Parts I have so far..

E36 M3 Knuckles
E36 M3 Hubs
E36 M3 evo Calipers + Disks - May be for sale soon
E36 M3 LCA's
Offset LCA bushes

Original 88' E30 325i disk trailing arms

From what I understand, for the rear I can use either Z3 I6 or E30 M3 Hubs, what are the pros and cons of each option considering I’m going for aftermarket brakes anyway?

What rotors and calipers would I need for each option?