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e30 N3 with e36 M3 front suspension swap.

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    e30 N3 with e36 M3 front suspension swap.


    I know this subject has come up a lot and in all my reading it seems what I have done is correct but the outcome is not what I expected.

    I have KW e36 M Coils, e30 Camber plates, Z3M Spindels and LCAs installed but my wheels are still thrusted toward the rear of the car. I have checked all my part numbers and from my reading they care correct. Are the Z3M LCAs not the same as the 96+ e36 M3s? This is the only thing I can think of that could be wrong.

    Any insight?

    Thanks a mill for the time.
    88 e30m3 S50B32
    93 e34m5
    08 e61 535xi done up
    17 f15m

    The Z3M shares the same control arms as the 96-99 M3, so you should have the correct parts. Even with use of the offset control arm bushings, the e36 M3 5-lug doesn't seem to achieve the same wheel placement as the e30 stock suspension when compared side by side (both e30 4-lug and e30 M3 5-lug).

    Some people go as far as to use aftermarket adjustable control arms, or custom control arm bushings to add even more caster, but the e36 5-lug can be tricky to setup.


      Treehouse-style control arm mounts should give you the additional caster needed to center your wheels


        He doesnt even mention what CAB hes using


          e30 M3's have the front wheel opening pushed forward compared to regular e30's as well, so what centers a wheel on a regular e30 won't work as well on an m3. I've had to use the 96+ e36 arms on an m3 with just lowered suspension to prevent rubbing with larger tires.