I am looking to use the Z3 6 cylinder hub method for the 5 lug conversion in my rear as I am looking to use a high offset wheel and don't want to use a 40mm spacers, so the additional 23mm from this method is welcome.

However, what I am finding is the lack of brake options. From what I have read, the only brake options are non-M calipers and presumably Z3 (6 Cylinder) rotors. Is this correct? Has anyone been able to fit M brakes?

Also, if someone can please clarify because it almost sounds too easy, for this method, all I need is the Z3 (6 Cylinder) rear hubs (https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw...ar-33411095772) and whatever the best brake option is. I am able to use stock E30 axles and T-arm?