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anyone ever rebuilt e30 m3 front brake calipers?

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    anyone ever rebuilt e30 m3 front brake calipers?

    I'm having problems with the inner seal on my front rebuild kit. The seal seems to be too small and fits loosely in the grove in the caliper housing. When I went to slide the piston in, it ended up grabbing the edge of the seal and tearing it as I pushed the piston past. Anyone ever had this problem or have suggestions? Thanks.
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    Make sure you're using plenty of lube when sliding the new seals in...

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      I rebuilt 4 e30 m3 front calipers last summer and did have that happen once. The fronts are a bit of a pain but once you get the hang of it it will work fine. I had a small O-ring in there too, but once i got the piston seated properly it slid right in there without a problem, but I think I did have to pop the piston out once to seat it properly.

      if the piston goes in forcefully it's not seated properly. I was able to lube it and pop the pistons in with my thumbs. I did get those nice new stainless steel pistons though, since they were not corroded and new that may have helped.