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replacing rear inner brake lines

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    I haven't done this in a long while, but when helping out a friend, we didn't remove anything to do this. The car was on a lift though, so that probably made the job much easier.


      I stumbled upon this thread while searching for something else, but I just did this job so here's my two cents.

      Tools needed: ratcheting 11 mm and 14 mm wrenches with tilt head

      Unfastening the forward hose end above the subframe isn't easy. The space is very small, but it's totally possible. The only thing I removed was the heat shield above the exhaust. Then I sprayed some PB Blaster on the fittings and let them soak a few minutes (not sure how much that actually helps, but why not). Then I unfastened the rearward end of the hose and slipped the ratcheting 14 mm wrench over it (which has a tilted head) and put it on the forward end. Then I stuck a bolt under it (anything small like that will do) between it and the subframe below to get enough leverage and then unfastened the line end with the 11 mm wrench. Tightening the new one is easier. Just rest the 14 mm wrench against the bottom of the car and tighten the forward 11 mm side.
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