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BBK with BBS RC090

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    BBK with BBS RC090

    I want to upgrade my brakes but keep my Style 5s if possible.
    Unfortunately they don't leave much room for bigger calipers, so I was wondering what BBK works with those wheels?
    I was looking at Massive's 300x32 or 332x32.

    Current setup: filled/redrilled with 12mm spacers


    I've been looking into this too in order to keep my style 5's. Both Massive and Ireland have kits that mention smaller thickness calipers compared to stock, leaving more room for different wheels. I'm running 10mm spacers up front with my style 5's and hoping that the 300x32 kit will make them fit with no spacers required. Of course I haven't purchased any kit yet, but I will report back when the time comes.

    Edit: Ireland's 310mm kit says the caliper is 1/2 shallower than standard calipers. 12.7mm, so you should be okay to fit without spacers.