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trying to remove pedal assembly

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    trying to remove pedal assembly

    hey i'm trying to put in new bushings for my pedals but
    can't take the assembly.

    it's a 90 airbag car idk if that matters.

    looks like i need to drop streering shaft to get to the last
    two bolts because it is impossible to get a spanner on there.

    See those bolts? there is no head on there to unscrew and drop the shaft.
    how can i do this? the nut on the back looks like it's welded on.
    thanks for the help i'm stumped as shit right now.


    Wat?? by jet jones, on Flickr

    Tried a crowfoot wrench?
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      Those cone shaped bolts without heads are security bolts, the head breaks off after they are tightened. I usually slot them and use an edged tool to unscrew them.

      BMW calls them fracture bolts.
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        just for future people.
        i tried to hand chisel it loose, vice grips. nothing worked.
        vice grips where only able to grab the washer.

        What you need to do is get an air hammer with V chisel and it'll spin itself loose
        then use vice grips on the damaged head.

        Safety bolt by jet jones, on Flickr

        this is the bolt that needed to come out.
        a crowfoot worked on the right one but left one there was no room.

        Pedal assembly by jet jones, on Flickr