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Another pedal problem. bushings.

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    Another pedal problem. bushings.


    i got new bushings for my pedals but it appears that
    they are incorrect. Or maybe my 1990 airbag car has a different setup.

    Clutch bushings was perfect btw.

    Brake pedal was the one that had allot of slop.

    Here is the problem...
    What bushings do i need to get? strange.


    Right side brake pedal by jet jones, on Flickr

    Left side brake pedal by jet jones, on Flickr

    What in the fuck by jet jones, on Flickr

    oem clutch bushings.

    They are perfect.
    it's just the plastic pedal that was bending.. oh well.

    Oem perfection by jet jones, on Flickr

    Here's the stop that prevents the aftermarket bushing from sliding in all the way.
    i can cut it down but the garagistic bushing fits like shit. very loose. Should be snug.

    Clitch pedal by jet jones, on Flickr

    Clutch pedal by jet jones, on Flickr


      ya this is nuts.

      all the other brake pedals don't have that taper at the end and the hole is bigger.
      is mine a one off or what.


        alright. just for those people in future searches.
        There was zero info on this problem hope it helps.

        2 kinds of pedals and bushings for some reason.
        i guess mine seemed to be some weird edition. maybe fuck up by bmw they fixed.
        same thing. just different sized hole and bushing.

        There is no info on the bushing that come out of my stock pedal. must be a "we fucked up", right?

        Fk u bmw by jet jones, on Flickr


          figure it out?


            yup. my original pedal is from a different reality.
            there is no sign of that bushing or pedal ever existing.

            The one i got off ebay worked perfect.
            Even came with the stock bushings, which where new looking/feeling still.

            on the clutch
            it is also from a different reality with different bushings.
            They are solid with no slit. Weird but flawless so reused.

            The garagistic bushing i payed 40 bux
            was a waste of money
            they are too fat so they BIND when you tighten it down
            and they also are too small, so they spin in the pedals.

            Total rip off. Don't buy those. Brake is nice and stiff now with oems.


              nice was going to buy those pedal bushings but was unsure