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Broken Ground Control Camber Plates, 3rd time, ritual self-disembowelment imminent

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    Originally posted by JGood View Post
    What was GC's response? I don't understand how you can break 3 of them, and GC isn't trying to find a solution. Their website even says they have a lifetime warranty. You'd obviously still be out labor/alignment/etc. but I just don't see how they could blow you off and make you pay for the part.

    Anyway, I've been running IE race plates on my street car for 7 years or so, no issues at all. Koni S/A's on full stiff.
    Thank you. Ground Control is MOST DEFINITELY blowing me off. Plain and simple. I actually ended up ordering the IE Race Plates as well, based on my personal experience with their other parts. Even though their phone is just a busy signal in 2019 which boggles the mind..

    The struts were professionally shortened and fully finished by Ground Control. The shocks are Koni yellows - also a personal upsell by Donovan at Ground Control. I am assuming they are short!!!

    Ride height is pretty low, but i believe lots of stuff would stop the damper travel before they would bottom out. (skid plate, exhaust, oil pan etc.)

    The only other weird thing that I can think of was that Ground Control also screwed up the original shipment. Only some of the kit was shipped and the shop mistakenly inserted the rear bearings in the front. The steering stuck in both directions so i took it back in. Could that have permanently damaged the strut or something else?

    I have now spent more fixing this shit than i did on the kit itself. Life was so much simpler when i had HRs and non-adjustable billysports that only rattled apart my whole car. FML thanks for all the help boys
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      Those metal strut bushings look like they have a slightly thinner hat than the GC race plate versions, but I still have no idea how they could possibly get enough force through them to shear off unless you're bottoming out the strut or have some other strange issue.
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