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Koni vs KYB question

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    Koni vs KYB question

    Have had KYBs on my car for ~10k miles with H&R OE Sports. Obviously a very stockish setup. I recently purchased Koni Sports with the desire to have stiffer springs front and rear (375f/450r). I did the rear end today and when I had the KYBs off I compared them to the Konis, and was a bit surprised.

    The KYBs when removed would fully extend themselves and were rather difficult to compress. The Konis on the other hand, would not extend at all on their own, and were much easier to compress. Maybe it's just misunderstanding on my part, but seemed a bit unusual.

    Have others seen this and is it normal?
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    Yer my rear konis did the same. Dont appear to be gas charged.


      Some Konis and also rebuilt konis are not gas charged. So no self extension. IIRC, standard rear konis for the E30 arent charged.

      I actually generally like the KYB struts, but the KYB rear shocks are way too soft.
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