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    Euro, BBS, & Ronal.


      alright Euroweaves it is.. can someone confirm that these are Euro or not:

      7J X 15 H2 ET 24

      LK 4 x 100


        ^ Those are indeed 'euroweaves'. These wheels are timeless
        Originally posted by chileelky
        amaze about the enthusiasm e30 generate


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            there is a set of euro weaves in the forsale section going for 550 obo. i got mine from the same seller and he sent me everything me promised and packing was ok.
            My feedback:





              just for knowlegdebase, here's my basketweaves vs euroweaves vs BBS RG


                my favorite thing about 14" basketweaves is the weight and the cost. they're super light - throw on a set of hoosier slicks and you've got an inexpensive very light track setup (it's like ~20lbs wheel with a tires). euroweaves are quite a bit heavier and 15" tires are more expensive.

                also, neither have a great selection of street tires available, which is unfortunate. I'll probably get slicks for my 15x7.5 6ULs and get some 17s for the street.
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                  Originally posted by selturk View Post
                  around $200-400.. I'm also looking for some e30 M3 Springs. Which will lower the car for about and inch. Can't use H&R, due to low oil pan (91 318i :(
                  Are you sure your motor mounts haven't failed? That's the only time I had an issue with my oil pan... or exhaust for that matter. Upgraded to e28 m5's and have a bunch of clearance now lowered on H&R Sports.

                  Oh, and I vote euros as well. If I could find some I'd throw them on my eta to replace the weaves I just fitted.
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                    This thread is from 2009....


                      Originally posted by argon View Post
                      just for knowlegdebase, here's my basketweaves vs euroweaves vs BBS RG

                      Psst...your IS lip looks like it is not fully mounted in the last pic.

                      FREE BITCOINS!!
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                        Originally posted by glucklich21 View Post
                        This thread is from 2009....
                        And the poster who resurrected it actually posted relevant info. What's the problem?


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                          I'm glad it was resurrected. I also have bottle caps and I'm looking to replace them with euroweaves or .....