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16X8 +7 tire fitment

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    Originally posted by IRON-E View Post
    This is 205/45/16 square 16x8 front 24 offset, 16x9 rear 14 offset with 15mm spacers all around.

    Looks perfect, kinda the look I am going for too. What Suspension are you running and how much drop? Also what fender mods did you have to do? Rolling only, or pulling too?

    I ask because my set up is very similar. I am looking at running a 16x8 ET25 all around, and also slapping 15mm spacers all around. I want to run a 205/45/16 because it sits exactly how I want.

    Just trying to see what all I will need to do to put them on nicely without rub. I am on a fully stock suspension right now, but eventually plan to dropping it with coilovers 1.25" front, and 1.5" rear.

    I am not to worried about the rear rubbing too much; I think there is plenty of room to have a 16x8 ET25 +15mm spacer with a 205/45/16 back there without fender work. The fronts however, I am worried will need some fender work to not rub and clear the struts considering the offset and spacer. .