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BBS RMs on Stock 325i

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    BBS RMs on Stock 325i

    I've been on the hunt for reasonably priced BBS wheels for a while now.

    I just picked up a set in need of refurbishment on craigslist. These are the Volkswagen BBS RM012s. I've ordered new hardware and 2 inch lips which brings these wheels to 15x8 all the way around.

    In researching the sticky I found out that the wheels will be the following spec once I've installed the new lips.

    15x8 et14.95 -- Now I need to figure out which spacers to use and what size tires to go with. I'd like to drop the car 2 inches max. Eventually.

    Any suggestions on tire size? Would a 10mm spacer be the best way to go? Would I need longer studs?

    Thanks in advance!
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    15x8 et15 is just about right actually, I don't think you need spacers unless you're aiming to HeLlA PoKe BrO
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      BBS RMs on Stock 325i

      You shouldn't need any spacers. 225/45 or 205/55 should be good. Depending on the tire, 205/55 is not really stretched. I ran 205/50 BF Goodrichs on 16x8 and they looked meaty. 225/45 is nice and wide but the overall diameter is a little smaller (not much). is a good starting point. Check your set up against the two stock sizes: 195/65/14 on 14x6.5et33 or 205/55/15 on 15x7et24
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        You may want a 5mm spacer in the rear to even out the front and rear fitment. Fronts will actually be perfect though.