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E34 with m20 flywheel

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    E34 with m20 flywheel


    I have a e34 m50b25 euro, and my clutch and flywheel is dead, and I have a m20 clutch kit and flywheel at my work (New)
    I have seen this done on e30 with m50 engines, but I the internet has many opinions on what, how and why itīs done.
    Can anyone tell me if itīs possible, or do I just order a new clutch and DMF for my 525i?

    What I can tell, I almost have all the parts.
    Flywheel with spacer, clutch, starter and slave cylinder.
    Some forums I need a throwout bearing for a e21 323i 30mm, other say I just have to use a regular e30 320i bearing.

    Hope one of you guys can help me.

    You can use a e30 flywheel with a zf as long as you use your m20 flywheel but it needs to have the back shaved off up to the ring gear. I'm not sure a spacer would work as I suspect it would mess with the starter?

    You need to have the same starter as the flywheel. For throwout bearing I am not sure what is required, I believe you can use the m20 one but the release will be low?

    I went this route because m20 parts are cheaper and easier to source.
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      Itīs the starter Iīm concerned about.
      I dont have any good shops around me for shaving the flywheel, nearest is at least 100miles.

      That's why I hoped the spacing would help me with that small issue.
      Dont know if the m50 starter has a longer stroke/throw (Dont know the correct english word)

      I have search all over the net by now, and some one thing, and another something else.
      Not complete sure what to think.