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e34 540i purchase

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    e34 540i purchase

    so i went and took a look at a e34 540i car runs but seems to have a vacuum leak somewhere i can hear it hissing, oil looked dirty but no coolant mix, same as on oil cap. driver seat motor didnt work, (any way to move it manually?) and their is oil burning on the passenger side exhaust (what would cause this issue, valve cover gasket?) and the rear right taillight blows fuses.

    transmission according to owner never has had any issues (auto)

    Oh and the door catch is blown out but kinda the same on e30s just weld the plate on and paint.

    im picking it up for $900ish been in owners family since new been sitting for a bit and a little beat up. anything else i should look out for on my final pre purchase inspection to talk him down or walk away from?
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    Lots of places for a vacuum leak.
    Seat motors rarely go bad, it's the cable drives that fail.
    Valve cover gaskets are a common fault, not too hard to do. While you're in there, I suggest doing the valley pan and coolant pipes.
    Tail light could be bad contacts.

    Check motor mounts, rear subframe mounts and any other lighting issues. LKMs go bad too.

    Door catch is easy, don't even need to weld. Koala Motorsport sells fix plates.

    Good luck!