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Parting 535i 85 grey/Pearl Beige Manual

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    Fly wheel is gone





        Need the oil pan. You still have? ship to 49464?
        The Lineup in order of appearance:
        91 535i
        91 318is 5 Lug/E46M3 Brakes
        91 325is w/ S52
        88 Vert Plastic Bumper Swap
        88 M3 ;D
        91 325ix 5 speed
        89 Vert Royalblau Metallic
        73 2002
        1986 325es --> is swap Rallycross Car!!
        1995 Chevy G30 Tow Rig... *I SOLD A CAR!!*
        1993 525i Granitsilber Metallic Touring

        Need a 91 M5 bad but wife would shoot me...twice

        *UPDATE: got a 93 M5 and still alive

        1972 Jeep Wagoneer
        1975 2002 five speed

        Check out:



          Parting 535i 85 grey/Pearl Beige Manual

          I would like the Rubber with side marker lights around bumper, rear, rear center and fronts. PM me please if still available.


            how much for trans, driveshaft, shift linkage, and pedal box.


              Originally posted by South26 View Post
              Hi parting a wrecked 85 535i. I will not have the car for 2 weeks when I can pick it up.

              The good: The interior is in great shape, it has the 265 getrag

              The bad the front end is dead.

              Manual Swap 700 plus shipping (There is a person looking at buying the engine and the tranny for N E30 swap so this may be come just the other parts if you wait)

              drive shaft
              Tranny (265)
              Hard and soft lines
              Fly wheel and clutch (was told has a 2000 miles on clutch)

              Nice rear bumper 70

              no cracks in the rear tail lights 30 each.

              Coarse 3 spoke steering wheel 40

              Door parts
              Complete Lock set Drivers door, Passenger Door, Trunk, and glove box, with key 60

              Actuators 8 (both pre and post 85
              handle hinge 10
              exterior black door handle 6
              Door trim from other e28 8 each (And fender pieces)
              Locking mechanism for each door 15

              Hood parts
              plastic grill pieces on hood 5 each
              hood latch with wire 5
              latching parts on front of hood 5
              hood hinges 15
              Hood shocks 8

              Other exterior parts
              Red Mirrors 20 each
              Trunk 25
              C-pillar dark blue 10 each
              C-Pillar Bronze 10 each
              C-pillar red 10 each
              C-pillar black 10 each
              C-pillar Gray
              C-pillar cirrus blue
              C-Pillar Bahama metalic

              Tail lights 30 each
              Rubber with side marker lights around bumpers (very nice and straight)
              Back 20 each
              Center Back 15
              Front 25 each
              Shocks for bumpers 10 each
              Rear window 50
              Windows Door glass 20 each
              Front Window 60
              motor and regulators 25 each
              Head light bucket 15

              Interior parts

              Manual drivers seat 70
              manual passenger side 70

              1 rear pearl beige leather (nice) 65

              Carpet is in great shape 100
              Parts by the dash
              OBC 30 for the 535i/528e
              OBC 30 533i

              All window buttons non lighted 3 each
              lighted 5 each
              head light switch 10
              Fog light switch 10
              Defrost button 6
              Hazard switch 6
              AC button 6
              ac fan 30
              Controller for mirrors 8
              check light box 10
              rear view mirror 10
              4 Spoke coarse spline steering wheel 25
              4 Spoke Fine spline steering wheel 25
              1 fine spline sport with no leather 10
              1 coarse sport with with 30

              ignition with key 25
              ignition wiring 30 (Later type)
              early type 30
              black plastic covers on steering column 5
              Wipers stalk 15
              Cruise Control 15
              vents 5 each
              A pillar 10 for both
              B-pillar Drivers side 45 Passenger side 20

              2 black head rests 20
              Seat switches 8 each
              Any seat belts (5 each)

              Interior door parts
              Door caps 10 each
              Lock pull on door (pull up to un lock) 1
              door latchs 5 each
              Have both passenger door cards side in black 20

              4 in pearl beige from a 533i so leather 25 each or 80 for all 4
              4 pearl beige from 88 20 each
              4 pearl beige from 85

              2 cardinal door cards 20 each rears
              leather center pieces for pac blue 10
              Arm Rest 6 each llama or Pac Blue, Pearl Beige, cardinal
              Center console for Pearl Beige 30
              e-brake 30 for manual pearl beige

              Speakers area
              Rear speaker 10 each
              Front speakers 10 each
              Rear Deck with brake light 25
              Rear Deck Tan with Brake light 25

              Other interior parts

              ECU for 88 528e 50
              ECU for 84 528e 45
              ECU for 535i 45

              6 check panels 10 each
              ABS computer 30
              Sunroof stuff (ask about which part)
              sun roof motor 20
              Sun roof plastic cover 5 dollars
              Interior cover for sun roof 15
              Knee panel 20 dollars in pearl beige or Mocha
              Heater core 30
              Heater box with 3 wires 40 (82-84)
              Heater box with 2 wires 40 85-88
              AC box with blower (45)

              Engine Compartment and drive train

              M30b34 350

              Oil pan 90

              Oil level sensor 40 (528e or 535/533i

              Good used boots with no cracks for 535i/533i 10
              Windshield fluid holder with strainer 10
              Brake fluid reserve 15 for 535i
              Brake fluid reserve 10 for 528e
              Radiator over flow 10
              Fuse box 25

              intake manifold 30 either (2=528e or 2 535i)
              TPS 20 (for 528, 535i, 533i)
              cold start valve 15

              Brake master 40 528e or 535i (abs or not)
              Starter (b34) 25
              starter (b35) 35
              Starter for m20 25
              Brake booster 25 for 528e

              Coil for either 528e or 535i 10
              ICV 25 for 528e 88
              icv 25 for 535i
              FPR 15 (for either 528e or 535i)
              Wiper motor 15
              Wiper arms 5 each
              Wiper transmission 25

              Power Steering pump for 35 for early 528e and 533i
              Power steering pump for later 528e and 535i 35

              Alternator from 533i 84 40
              Alternator from 535i 85 40

              Steering box 90

              Haft Shafts (20 each) have 4
              Gas tank 50 (must pick up)
              Brakes 20 each, 533i, 528e front) and a few good rears
              Rotors 15 each 528e and 533i and rears for all)
              Any hose 5 dollars

              Trunk Interior 20 (floor mat and sides)
              Card board piece 20
              Trunk Light 5 dollars
              have some tools e-mail and ask
              Plastic tool box 5
              jack 10

              If I have missed a part feel free to PM me.
              Interested in all Speakers including twitters.

              shipping to 19720
              PM pls


                CAMSHAFT!! please PM me


                  Interested in all Speakers including twitters.

                  shipping to 19720
                  PM pls

                  I check what I have.



                    Originally posted by sleepingbeauty View Post
                    CAMSHAFT!! please PM me

                    Sorry gone.



                      shoot; the hunt continues








                            Got e34 m50 oilpan/pickup/dipstick? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
                            1987 325e Lachssilber w/ MarkD chip and late bumpers, Zender EVO spoiler, s3.25 LSD

                            Originally posted by nando
                            I don't think there's really strong evidence that ZDDP harms cats.


                              Sorry at this time only have a m30b35 pan or a e28 m20