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Parting 91 525i manual

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    Parting 91 525i manual

    Hi, picked up a running 1991 525i with 195,000 miles. It is being parted because of a lot of rust. (except the fenders are fine.) I believe the 5 speed swap is sold. The interior is Tan, but the 2 front door cards are dead. I will post more pics in the next day.

    Hood 70
    Has good hood pad for 35

    All are good except the front door cards

    Fenders 75 each


    Door Cards.
    Rear ones are good for 25 each plus shipping

    Rears Dove Grey good condition 60 for both.

    Door latches 8 each.

    Drivers Seats 75.

    Passenger seats all functions work 75

    All tan interior

    Regular rear seat good condition 50

    Tan glove box 20
    Dove grey glove box 20
    Black glove box with wood 35
    Black kick panel 20

    Dove Grey center consul 30
    black ebrake consul 25
    Dove Grey ebrake consul 25
    Dark grey consul 25
    Tan consul 25

    Drivers kick panel 25

    Instrument cluster (have 2)75

    OBC 35 All the pixels are good
    with airbag with airbag 35
    steering column 35
    wiper stalk 15
    turn signal 15
    Cruise stalk 15
    Head lights switch 15
    Hazard light 10
    hvac control 25
    window switches 6
    large window switch next to seats 15
    Fog light switch 10
    sun roof switch 8
    interior both 12
    map lights 8 each have light and dark grey
    Face plate for Hvac controls 20
    Sun visors20

    seat belts and receptacles 5 each

    vents (from 5 to 15)

    rear ash trays 5 each
    mirror 15
    Sunroof motor 20
    Other sunroof stuff e-mail me.

    Carpet grey or tan in good condition 80 will ship by grey hound or UPS (have 2)

    Speakers ask.


    style 5 175 have 4
    M pars rep 400
    Style 42 16 inch 200
    15 inch bottle caps 125 (good tires)
    14 inch rotory and basket weaves 100

    Hood 70 with a little rust

    Door stuff

    Doors 75
    window motors 35 each
    actuators 15 each
    door handles 5 each
    door handle trim 5 each
    latching mechanism 15
    window 25 each
    door trim 15 each

    newer style kind of mirrors in Dark Green 20 each
    older kind in black and light blue and silver and red 15 each
    grills 15 each

    Center grill not missing chrome 20

    Head light 35 each

    Turn signals 5
    wipers 8 each
    Tail lights 15 each part
    sunroof panel 30

    front Silver bumper 125
    front white bumper 125
    Front red bumper 125
    Red rear bumper 100
    white rear bumper 90

    Engine Compartment and other things
    Engine cover 35

    M50 nonvanos engine 350
    block 100
    wire harness 80
    ECU 50 sold
    ABS control 30
    LKM 25
    GM 30
    CCM 25
    AC compressor 35 for m50
    Alternator for M50 35
    maf 40
    Throttle body 25
    Intake manifold 75
    exhaust manifolds 25
    Air box for 30 for m50
    Air box 30 for m30
    Air box for m20 20
    Anti-lock brakes box 30
    wiper motor 20
    wiper tranny 35
    washer fluid reserve 15
    washer pump 10
    Haft Shafts 30
    brakes 25 each
    rotors 20 for front and rear
    Steering box 85
    Radiator 35
    Power steering pump 35
    Blower motor 35

    Fuel pump 50
    gas tank 60 (must pick up)
    Carpet pieces (ask)

    Hi if you did not see a part listed it is most likely because I forgot to list it. So please ask.

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    What sort of shape is the hood's paint in? Same for the passenger fender.





        would you sell the oil pan, pickup tube and dipstick with tube?


          Sorry pan and tube and dipstick are gone.



            Pics and size of the style 5's?


              They are stock, so 15. I can send pics to an email or text. Please pm me.



                let me know if some 5 speed stuff is still available! looking for shift linkage and diff.


                  5 speed stuff is gone.















                            Do you still have the wiper linkage?


                              I do still have the linkage