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1993 525i part out

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    1993 525i part out

    Bought a E34 for small things I need for my touring, gonna part the rest.
    picking up car on Friday
    Prices are OBO and I can ship at buys expense, discount on buying more than one part


    Air Filter Housing $40
    Alternator $40
    Ash Tray $5 each
    Battery $40
    Blower Motor $60
    Brake Calipers $25 each, $45 pair, $70 all 4
    Bumper $60 each, $100 pair
    Cat $120
    Center Consol(shift area and parking brake area) $50
    Cluster $50
    CV Axle Complete $40 each, $70 pair
    Cylinder Head $150
    Door(empty) $40 each, $120 all 4
    Door Glass $20 each
    Door handle $15 each
    Door handle set with key $70
    Door Seals $10 each, $30 all 4
    Drive Shaft Complete $50
    ECU $50
    Engine Harness (m5b25tu) $100
    Fender $30 each, $50 pair
    Front Spreaker cover $25 pair
    Fuel Rail $20
    Fuel Tank (with pump and sender) $80
    Fog Lamp Yellow $15 each, $25 pair
    Headliner $25
    Heater Core $20
    Hood Seal $5
    HVAC Panel $30
    Idle Control Valve $15
    Ingtion Coils $20 each, $75 all 6
    Injectors $5
    Intake Manifold $40
    Long Block (212xxx miles, will get compression numbers if needed)$350 with oil pan, $200 w/out
    Mass Air Sensor $30
    Master Cylinder W/ Booster $50
    OBC $15
    Oil filter housing $20
    Oil pan set up $200
    Parking Brake Handle $7
    Radiator $35
    Radio W/ Code $35
    Rear Seat $80
    Rear Veiw Mirror $5
    Speakers $5 each, $15 for all 4
    Steering wheel with airbag $30
    Steering Gear $60
    Sunroof Motor $20
    Sun Visor $15 pr
    Sway Bar $20 each, $35 Pair
    Tail Light $30 each, $35 pair
    Throttle Body with boot and TPS $35
    Throttle Cable $15
    Trunk Seal $15
    Turn signals $15 ea $20 pr
    Turn Signal Switch $20
    Under car Heat Sheild $10
    Window Motor with Reg $35 ea
    Window switch $15
    Wiper Arms $20 pair
    Wiper Motor $40
    Wiper Switch $20
    Whole Exhaust (inc. Cat) $200
    4.10 LSD $200
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    WTB:m60b40 in PNW
    Zachary Ripley

    85 318i M50B25tu.
    92 525it 5 speed.
    80 244gl (m60 prepping).

    Is it obd1 or obd2? Are both fuel lines on the back side of the fuel rail along with the FPR?


      I ended up fixing the car up and selling it as a runner.
      all e34s are OBD1 fyi
      WTB:m60b40 in PNW
      Zachary Ripley

      85 318i M50B25tu.
      92 525it 5 speed.
      80 244gl (m60 prepping).