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E28 Pearl Beige Interior Parts

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    E28 Pearl Beige Interior Parts

    I recently installed some M5 interior bits on my e28 and now I have my current pearl beige parts just sitting around. Up for sale are the following interior bits in pearl beige:

    - Knee bolster - $20
    - center console w/ no cracked grills - $40
    - e brake console (prev owner drilled hole in it prob for a arm rest) - free, pay shipping or pick up
    - glove box ($20)
    - door pulls and door cards (dont have pictures of door cards yet) - $25 each card/handle pair

    Link to pictures:

    Any questions, feel free to ask. I'll also be putting up a few other things that will be in the sale google drive folder, so if you see them, they're for sale too!

    Iíll take the ebrake console if you still have it

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